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We are a full-service general contracting company with a deep understanding of multifamily investments and remodeling from A to Z. Our decades of experience allow us to help you with any step of the project outside of the main remodel. If you require any assistance with any type of multifamily remodel, we can help.  Below are a few other services that may be of assistance to you with your project.

Planning and Design Assistance

We can draw, design, and obtain many types permits in-house. For projects that will require outside design assistance, we have an extensive network and strong relationships with several local architects who can create the perfect community both inside and out.

The interior and exterior design of multi-family buildings are two essential elements that help both attract and retain tenants. We offer several attractive finish packages that are proven to work and backed by years of experience.

From helping you choose the carpet and blinds to selecting the color of the cabinets and paint, we have a keen understanding of what it takes to make an apartment community attractive—and profitable.

Assistance with Finance Options

We can help you make the necessary financial connections and choose the right options to get your property financed. Due to our experience, we can also advise and evaluate your finance options so that you’re getting the best possible return on your investment.

We have very strong relationships with banks and bankers all over the Seattle who can help you with multi-family remodel financing.

Property Management

We have Rockstar property managers that we have worked with extensively over the years. If your project requires a temporary on-site manager, we can bring them in to perform all of the heavy lifting. In some cases, your tenants might be required to move out during certain phases of construction. Our property managers have years of experience and know-how to professionally and efficiently get the job done right.

We also have a leasing agent whom we can bring in post-remodel. They can perform the work themselves or help get your current property managers up to speed on the latest and greatest best practices for marketing and leasing a renovated property.

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