Multi-Family Remodeling

Remodel your multi-family building

We’ll help remodel your multi-family building with an eye towards improving income and decreasing ongoing maintenance costs thereby improving your bottom line.

Whether it’s converting a unfinished basement into a new unit, rearranging existing unit floor plans to add a bedrooms, adding washer dryers to units or replacing the plumbing and electrical systems we can help you remodel a multifamily building with an eye toward improved profitability.

Increase Profitability

A multi-family remodel can increase rental income while reducing monthly expenses. We'll show you how.

Decrease Maintenance Costs

We can help make your building more energy efficient and eliminate ongoing maintenance headaches, which can lower your utility costs significantly.

Freshen Exteriors

A freshly updated building exterior will add curb appeal, bring joy to residents, and attract new tenants willing to pay higher rent.

Why Remodel Your Seattle Apartment Building?

When you remodel an apartment community in Seattle, you’re not only adding value to the building, but you’re also adding value to the quality of life of your tenants. Here are just a few of the many benefits that owners can obtain from remodeling their Seattle Apartment buildings:

Increased Rent

Adding a washer and dryer unit to each apartment can help increase the overall amount of monthly rent you take in. Tenants are willing to pay more money for a higher quality of life—and having the ability to do laundry inside your apartment in the middle of a Seattle snowstorm is well worth the extra money in rent for many tenants.

Increased tenant goodwill

Tenant goodwill is essential—not only for keeping current tenants and encouraging them to renew their leases but for attracting new ones as well. There are many apartment review websites on the internet where residents can anonymously review the apartment community that they live in. Prospective tenants will often check these sites to see what the quality of life is like before they stop on by for a tour. If your community is rundown, has rotted decks, or poor common areas, it can present a considerable challenge when it comes time to attract a new tenant.

Easier to lease

Residents want to be proud of where they live. A freshly painted building, professionally landscaped common area, and updated apartments can make all the difference when it comes time to attract new tenants.

Reduction in Maintenance

Apartment remodeling in Seattle can also include replacing the entire electrical and plumbing systems. Many apartment communities spend a lot of money every month on maintenance and repair. Replacing these older systems with newer, more energy-efficient ones can help decrease their monthly energy bill.

Increased building value

Investing in an apartment remodel can significantly increase the overall value of a building—in addition to increasing the total monthly rental income.

“We called Plus One Construction when our previous general contractor was not able to keep up. The constant delays were costing us a lot of money and adding an extreme amount of stress to our daily lives.

Plus One was not only able to pick up exactly where the other contractor left off, but they also were somehow able to adhere to the accelerated construction time frame AND keep both our tenants and on-site property managers happy!”  

Matt C.-  Seattle

Multi-Family Remodels in the Seattle Area

We approach all multi-family remodels with a walkthrough and a keen eye for areas of potential opportunity.



We’ll look at mechanical, electrical, and drainage systems as well as other areas of opportunity. During our initial walkthrough, we look for any space that isn’t being fully utilized. We’ll figure out how to take community laundry rooms, unfinished basements, and any common areas that aren’t being capitalized and turn them into income-generating spaces.

We’ll also examine existing units to see what we can do that will enable them to generate extra income. In many cases, we can take an overly large one-bedroom apartment and turn it into a two-bedroom unit. Adding a washer and dryer to all units not only increases tenant happiness but can also increase monthly rents.

We’ll look at the current systems such as electrical, plumbing, and roofing to see if it makes financial sense to update them. By upgrading these systems to newer, energy-efficient ones, you can see substantial cost savings in both energy bills and reduced recurring maintenance costs.

Seattle Apartment Interior Design

Prospective tenants want to live in an apartment that feels like home. A place where they can relax, unwind, and enjoy life. Poor apartment design is something that not only detracts from the quality of your tenants’ lives but can provide a significant challenge when it comes time to lease the unit.  

A good design takes into consideration the color of the carpets, blinds, paint and other internal elements. Paying close attention to apartment interior design is one of the best ways you can ensure that your residents will love where they live.  

Studio apartment design is even more critical as there is very little space to work with. A wrongly placed wall or kitchen area can make a tiny apartment feel even smaller than it is. Simple structural changes can make a tiny space feel much bigger.

Seattle Apartment Renovation

Renovating an apartment building is a complex undertaking and beyond the abilities of many generalized contractors.

Many multifamily buildings in the Seattle area are 50 to 100 years old. They often have original plumbing, electrical systems, and in many cases, roofs as they did when they were first constructed.  

These systems will often fail when you least expect it and can result in a considerable repair bill. This why it’s often advised that you have your electrical and plumbing systems replaced when performing a renovation, since the walls are already torn up and the costs can be significantly less.

But not always! It's always worth having an expert who is experienced in multifamily remodels take a look before you make a decision.

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