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Founded by Real Estate Investors

In 2007, PlusOne Construction founder Casey Bishop was working as a real estate and mortgage broker. Seeing market opportunities, he partnered with a real estate investor to buy and renovate small multi-family buildings in the Seattle area.

Many of these buildings required extensive remodeling work due to decades of wear-and-tear or even neglect.

But working with local general contractors yielded mixed results.

As an owner and investor, Casey found that many GCs lack the experience to efficently remodel apartment buildings for maximum profit potential.

They lacked the expertise, services, and workforce required to effectively and efficiently remodel these buildings for maximum income potential and profitablity. Opportunities to add value by making simple floor plan modifications,  system upgrades, etc were not being identified and  presented. Further, many GCs also struggled with the details of permitting, design, & project managing multiple/ simultaneous unit remodels – all essential ingredients in a successful multifamily remodel project.

Casey found he was frequently required to hand-hold and supervise his GCs in order to successfully complete multifamily remodels.  Casey also found that he had a knack for rearranging floor plans and utilizing wasted space to maximize the performance of apartment buildings.

Through these experiences was born the realization that what apartment building owners/ investors needed was a general contractor that not only excelled at performing the physical construction work, but also had an expert understanding all of the different factors that lead to increased profitability, stability and fiscal sustainability in the multifamily real estate market.

In 2007, Casey Bishop founded PlusOne Construction to service the multifamily investment remodel needs of himself and his partners.

From this inception, the company has grown, branching out to provide the same value-add multi-family remodel services for other investors. As word got out, other investors were soon asking if Casey could take charge of their multi-family remodel projects, and the rest is history.

Our Mission

At Plus One Construction, we specialize in remodeling multi-family apartment buildings.

Before we took on our first paying client, we honed our skills and knowledge on our own apartment remodel investments. We understand the challenges and variables of renovating an apartment building in today’s environment because we are investors ourselves.

Our mission is to create the best possible return for our clients while making the property more appealing, and maintaining a high level of ethical standards.

We are good citizens. We are able to balance the needs of every stakeholder, from property owner to the apartment manager to the tenants.

We take pride in performing our work ethically, creating value that residents and the greater community will enjoy for decades to come. This philosophy makes life better for the owners, property managers, tenants and the city at large.

Every project is unique. We pride ourselves in having the knowledge and experience to meet all the challenges that arise on a multifamily renovation project.

Our field personnel are the heart of our success—they have decades of combined experience as remodelers and craftspeople. We keep a close-knit crew of highly skilled workers who understand the nuances of remodeling a multi-family building.

Shared Company Values

Everyone at Plus One Construction follows the same set of shared values that allow us to work together so efficiently while supporting one another.

Our leadership team invests in the well-being of our employees—at every rank and job description. We are a committed and highly organized team, and we've built a culture in which everyone treats each project as if it were their own.

“Casey and the guys at
Plus One Construction get it."

"From the minute they set foot on our property to perform the initial walkthrough, it was clearly evident that they not only knew the market but spoke our language.

"Thanks to the value that they added to our community, our residents and managers are pleased, and we’re experiencing full occupancy rates like never before.”  

Steve Lazoff - Seattle

Key Personnel

Casey Bishop

Aaron P.
Project & Field Operations Manager

Brian G.
Job Lead/Lead Carpenter

Brian T.
Job Lead/Lead Carpenter

Tari B.
Accounting/ Office Manager

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