What We Do

We specialize in identifying and adding value to apartment buildings in the Seattle area.

Our approach is centered around maximizing the potential rent of the existing structure. We accomplish this in several different ways.

We are not your run of the mil General Contractor.  We specialize in apartment buildings. Our team combines deep experience in apartment building remodeling with vast knowledge of rental markets, property management, construction financing & more.

How we add value

Value = (increase rental income) + (reduce operating expenses)

Add New Unit(s)

To Existing Structure AND/OR
Build New Structure on Existing Lot

Add Bedrooms

To Existing Units

Add Washer/Dryer

To Existing Units

Update Finishes
Upgrade Failing Systems

(Plumbing, Roof, etc)

Install Water-Submeters

(Tenant Paid H2O)

Efficient Lighting &
Appliance Upgrades
Overall Reduction of
Maintenance & Utility costs
10-year track record

For the past 10 years our sole focus has been remodeling apartment buildings in the Seattle area. This is our niche!

Proven Results

Our completed project portfolio speaks for itself. If there’s value there, we will find it and turn it into a profit.

Full Service

We can handle it all for your project. From initial feasibility & estimating, to a final product, we make the process smooth and easy.

Our Services

Though we can handle a multitude of project types, apartment building remodels are our specialty. We deliver excellent results whether it’s a full gut remodel, a simpler cosmetic upgrade project, or you simply need to make some repairs.

What really sets us apart however is our ability to identify value add improvements and turn them into a tangible profit in an effective and efficient way. We know how to make your investment count by performing the improvements that will deliver the greatest results to your bottom line and overall value.

Building Evaluation

Multifamily Remodel

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